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36 free t-shirt mockups for clothing brands and print shops 2019

In addition, these mockups are particularly useful if you are using a print-on-demand service that uses printing, packaging and shipping instead of you. Of course, you can order it, take product shots and use them in your store and for other marketing purposes. However, the simplest and quickest option would be to use a T-shirt mockup and achieve equally professional results. And you don’t even need to do the product yourself!

In most cases, all T-shirts are mockups,

this is a blank T-shirt on which you can put your designs. It is very simple. Nevertheless, to make it more photo-realistic and easier for people to visualize the designs they are getting for themselves, many mockups include a male or a female model.

A woman was wearing a t-shirt under her bomber jacket

Instead of hiring a professional photographer and a model, you can get a great display of your tee design with mockups. Even with your work, it takes hardly any time to edit the template, as you do all of this in the browser on the placette. No, there is no need to use Photoshop or any other photo editing tool.

Simply import your image via the upload button,

crop and import and you are ready to roll. Additionally, change the color of the T-shirt, as well as add a text overlay if necessary. Loads of options at your disposal for rapid creation of realistic presentation of your new tee design.

By using a T-shirt mockup, you can not only test your designs,

but you can also use the result for an extra boost in promotions. In addition, a mockup is a great way to get new ideas that help in final design creation. If you are in a topic related to trucks and trucks, then here is the ideal mockup template for you.

It features a bearded boy with glasses and a flannel parked in front of his truck.

Upload your design with a click on the button and see that it defectively appears on the tee. Keep in mind, you can also change the color of the garment and make the final product as per your choice.

A friend’s nifty, jolly and trendy T-shirt mockup,

seated, with his goggles and a tot bag in his hands. Would you look that way, like you can edit tee, so you can also enrich the toot bag with your design. In a few clicks, you can completely improve this template and it is ready to impress the potential buyers or customers you work with.

PlaySeat is an amazing and user-friendly platform where you can come up with the most outstanding presentations for the product designs you are working on. Do not waste any more time and enjoy the process which gives excellent results.

For more rocker-ish and motorcycle vibes, here’s the perfect T-shirt mockup for you.

It features a bearded man with an open leather jacket, standing by his bike. If the template suits your brand or purpose through you, then hand over the placet and edit it accordingly. Just a short time later and you will have a fully prepared presentation to go.

Impress your fans and your customer and strengthen the promotion with a result that everyone will crave for your new shirt design. Make it as exclusive as you fancy; The end product will certainly be a real masterpiece.

Nowadays tattoo is a real promotion,

it is becoming very common that all types of brands and companies use tattoo models in their marketing campaigns. And if you would particularly like a tattooed senior to sport your brand, you can do so right now. This happy, bearded man enjoys himself in a restaurant, chatting and exchanging knowledge bombs.

Anyhow, this is a story that I have just come across,

but you will benefit from it. Enrich your shirt with your amazing design by pressing the upload button. Also, if necessary change the shade of the garment and attach some text.

Clothing brands need to ensure that every clothing product is disposed of to improve customer loyalty. Furthermore, they should not miss adding a logo or brand as part of their marketing strategy.

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