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30 beautiful websites using the popular Unicode WordPress theme

The film is the Dutch website of ‘The Revenant’, which received 3 Oscar Awards in 2016. The website plays full-screen images from the film on a slider. If you want to watch its trailer, you can do so by clicking on the YouTube video embed in one of the horizontal squares. To better understand the story and for the context of the period in which it occurred, you can access the timeline from the header about fur hunting in America.

Tom Roebuck is a wedding photographer based in London.

His retirement takes him to places in all corners of the world. And his love for travel is evident in the amount of work displayed in the website’s blog pages. He conducts workshops on wedding photography and even provides a link for those who want to sign up for a seat in class. The website uses heavily tinted colors.

David Porter believes that creativity comes out of chaos, if anything its homepage.

He is a web, print and video artisan, and his business tools are all on the homepage. Readers need to take some time about the page, about engaging in their services; It is full of information about the work they do and the skills they have acquired. In addition, progress bars track projects they have completed.

Thomas Schuppisserger is a photographer based in Zurich.

His focus is on landscape and people. The website features scenarios and illustrations in a portfolio on the homepage. The menu can be called and dismissed – it is off-canvas and slides in and out from the right side of the screen.

ckgd-independent-graphic-designer-site-examples Chris Koch is a freelance graphic designer.

He specializes in print and web design, logos and digital art. He explains each area in horizontal sections on the homepage on

Each area also has a separate section in the portfolio page, where it tries to educate readers about graphic design, and not just showcase their work. You can also buy tees, posters and other items, as he sells his work on the website with WooCommerce integration.

staygolden-german-site-exampleStay Golden is an agency in Düsseldorf for corporate design and branding.

His website puts a sample of his work and his latest news on sliders on the homepage. The internal pages show pictures of their work, the services they provide, and the golden rules they take when working with a client.

A search button is normally present in the header like most websites, but clicking on it takes a reader to a completely dark page that only has the search feature, gradually allowing the reader to continue searching Agree to

northtrampoline-e-commerce website-exampleNorth Trumpolin is the manufacturer of premium trampolines for sky athletes.

Full-screen outdoor image with focus on the trampoline that a visitor sees on the site’s home page. Neat pictures highlight the best features of their product.

The homepage, as well as the product page, display various models.

The reader visiting the athlete page will be truly inspired by the YouTube embed of athletes in action.krugeretlupis-fullscreen-site-examplecruger & lupis is a firm of insurance specialists in France who promise to cut the time taken to make a claim.

The progress bar and circles on their work page give their readers an estimate of their achievements. In addition to a personal contact page, a detailed contact form is also available in the footer.

tenfoldcreative-event-wordpress-topic-with-uncode Tenfold creatives are in the business of getting brands and campaigns to click with their target audience.

Based in Auckland, he has many successful campaigns and awards to his name. The site portrays the success created for brands within the construction industry, with a link to their main website in the footer. You can send them a message by clicking the button on the right. It is sticky and inaccessible even when you scroll.

axvisuals-private-site-with-uncode-subjectDan X is a cinematographer and director of photography.

Thus, their website is all about images – still and reel. To portray the images in a striking way, a dark background has been used on the website. Images are tightly packed into the grid without any space or gaps. In addition, the contact page is clean and innovative. This page also displays social media buttons.

qubavr-parallax-wordpress-website-example QubaVR is the on-line home of Quba Michalski,

a person who responds to many details – Creative Director, Motion Artist, Filmmaker, Problem Solver and Creative Thinker. He currently uses AR and VR as the main tools for creating stories and experiences.

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