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20 Best Vans and Bus Mockup Templates 2019

For an electric city bus, this is one of the solutions you should not miss. With all the different ideas and aspects, you can easily bring in a complete presentation of the new bus design. When you can fully customize the bus, you can change the background and adjust the shadow.

The amazing quality (7000 x 4000 px) also ensures that you go into detail with your design. Meaning, zoomed images will definitely catch everyone’s attention. Now it’s your turn to include the design of your choice in the bus and see immediate returns.

When working with a client to come up with a design for a city bus,

you better present a mockup for a top-notch presentation. Once you have it all set and ready to go, just choose this bundle of goodies and create a life-like version of the bus. Seven different PSD files are available for your full benefit.

Thanks to convenient smart objects, you simply drag and drop your design and voila, you already have it on the bus. In addition, you can also edit the LED panel, change the color of the rim, turn on the dirt layer and switch on the headlights and taillights.

Using a double-decker bus is one of the ways to spread the word for new products,

new films, new ones. It works fantastically well in London, as there are so many of them.  Finally when making a deal and you only need to send the design, first use this bus mockup and go from there. It provides you with ten different views to ensure how your ad actually looks. Front, back, side and top views, it’s all at the tip of your fingers.

If this type of bus works for you, you should not think too much.

After all, why do all the hard work yourself when you can just go with a mockup and let it do all the heavy lifting. With a collection of eight first-class demos, you can now view your flat design in a life-like version in just one click.

There is a mixture of mockups that feature a bus on a solid backdrop, as well as a city lifestyle. For everyone who is working with a template for the first time, first skim through the help file and get it. Hint: It’s ridiculously simple.

If working with a tourist agency or a company that organizes passenger transport,

a custom coach is what you might be in the process of designing. That said, with the right fake, you can quickly see your idea for the design in a realistic version. No need to go through any complicated tasks and WhatsApp, because mockup does magic in front of your eyes.

In a few clicks! That’s right, little work is required to experience killer results. And there are seven different ideas at your disposal to look at your creative work in all these different aspects.

A fully layered bus mockup kit containing eight different PSD files for your convenience.

You can go with the “studio” scene or the “city lifestyle” scene, heck, use them all and have a result that will bend the head. Note that each PSD template comes with smart objects, so the inclusion of your artwork takes place in a very short period of time.

The process of dragging and dropping your design trick. Whether you just want to make a wrap or lightly style the vehicle, whatever it is, do it first with a mockup and go from there.

Creating a design for the bus should not be a huge burden,

especially when you have predefined mockups at your disposal. Of course, each template is fast and straightforward to use and enhance with your creative touch.

Keep in mind, there are ten different backgrounds available to test and try with your bus build. Professional quality also ensures great close-ups. With the use of smart objects, the entire process of creating life-like displays takes place in a small breeze.

Everyone who is familiar with the buses immediately knows that this mockup is based on the Neoplan Skyliner model.

Whether you are in the process of creating a tourist bus, long distance bus, a design for corporate intentions, you name it, it is the mockup that will undoubtedly help you.

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