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19 best publisher website with extraordinary design 2019

In this modern era, it is important for creative individuals to publish their artistry worldwide. In this way, they will gain a competitive advantage. Mashable is a digital magazine best suited with this collection of publishers’ websites. Mashable’s notable magazine layout adds a creative aura to the content.

In particular, this magazine site publishes a wide variety of content such as videos,

entertainment articles, culture, technology, science, etc. For easy and quick navigation, Mashable uses a sticky menu with social media integration. Apparently, the material is arranged in columns with different sizes. It also uses the Mega Menu to accommodate a large number of options at a glance.

With the emergence of digital marketing,

different artists have more opportunities to improve credibility and recognition. Thanks to the power of the Internet, publishing literature, music, or information is just a few clicks away. Samay is a clean and hygienic magazine publisher that provides high quality content while maximizing profit.

Time presents many and varied articles for millions of readers worldwide.

Whether it is politics, world news, opinion, health, entertainment, technology or business time, all these are included. In particular, the website has user-friendly features that can improve its look and feel. In addition, it uses sticky menus, mega menus, sliders, banner ads, social media integration, newspaper subscriptions and more.

Artists from different fields need to publish their works to shine.

This is where the publishers of the magazine come as heroes! With clear exposure to a product, brand, or person in a magazine, it will definitely improve visibility and recognition. The Next Web magazine has a grand design that is well-known in the websites of these publishers.

It presents articles through a magazine layout where the content is created wonderfully.

Promising to publish news, deals, conferences and events in the world of technology, The Next Web ensures that a visitor will have a great experience with their website. Therefore, each reader can easily access this website across various devices as it is designed with responsive design. Since social media plays an important role in the success of every business, TNW ensures that visitors can use the social media pages in the site.

The works of artists featured in magazines are beyond measure.

This will not only spread awareness but will unlock more and more opportunities. Thank you for the amazing magazines that work wonders. Smashing magazine is one of the websites of these publishers that can inspire magazine publishing companies. It distributes reliable, useful and informative articles for web designers and developers.

Apparently, this website uses red as its primary color which can be associated with strength,

energy and determination. Basically, it has a clear and simple menu on the header where the user can access published articles, books, events and jobs. While other magazines embrace the power of images to increase readership, this website uses a simple yet compelling layout. In addition, the amazing hover effect adds a touch of creativity to the overall design.

Electronic newspapers and magazines

As a result, it has become a popular media outlet of brands that strive to achieve excellence. The cut has a clean and minimal design that should be in the websites of these best publishers. It emphasizes visual hierarchy, good typography and white space. The website has an elaborate banner ad on the header for monetization purposes.

In particular,

it displays the articles displayed on the hero header with the latest articles on the left sidebar. To make the content lively and creative, some sections of the website implement diverse columns and thumbnail sizes. It also integrates social media to allow users to easily connect with those platforms.

Video games have become a popular pastime for both young and adults.

As a result, various video games are emerging in the market. In turn, video game publishers are more in need. Electronics Arts is one of the websites of these publishers that disseminates information to the general public. It has a simple website design where visitors are able to browse games, play for free, shop, or subscribe to the latest news.

The site improves its retention rate through the use of sticky menus.

As the hero header is the first element a visitor considers, EA introduces the current promo with a CTA. In particular, this website displays select games, the latest games, and the latest updates in the video game world.


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