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19 best makeup websites to inspire makeup artists and brands 2019

Various makeup brands make their mark as a business through an impressive website. Evagher is one of the blind makeup websites that implements creativity, sophistication and usability. This breathtaking website greets a visitor with a beautiful split screen layout on the hero header. Clearly,

clear and high-quality images look amusing as they are displayed randomly on one side while a creative white text looks great on a plain black background. Apart from this, its menu is quite unique and also awesome. what’s more? The website also embraces the power of white space with striking images and brief descriptions. See how inspiring this website is for makeup artists and entrepreneurs.

More and more brands consider the essence of having a video background to their business.

Thus creates an entertaining and attractive environment for the potential customers. Sylvia Spitzbart implements this kind of creativity on the homepage of her website. It provides an option to browse your makeup studio or makeup academy. Having a unique and excellent layout, this website really surprises a visitor and is worth staying on this list of amazing makeup websites.

Organizing the content in an asymmetrical layout, Sylvia Splitzbart creates a beautiful presentation of images and a good copy of it. In addition, it also uses sticky menus for easy and quick navigation. Other features of the website include smooth slider, video integration, off-canvas menu and more.

Although makeup clearly enhances the appearance of women,

the expertise of a makeup artist is necessary to introduce its charm. Rikkagi is a beautiful makeup artist website that will encourage fellow artists to shine in the makeup industry. This is a full stop image on the hero header with a smooth animation on the scroll. It has a simple yet elegant website design that explains the content comprehensively.

Since testimonials are important for building credibility, Rikgi presents the testimonials in an excellent way using a slider. In addition, Rikagi offers fellow makeup artists to be adept with makeup, so this website allows them to engage with makeup classes. It also shows its portfolio using a masonry layout. what’s more? Users can also access Instagram account through Instagram feed.

Professional makeup artists are a demand these days.

As more and more cosmetic brands are available on the market, there is also a great demand for makeup artists to do wonders. Therefore, an effective marketing tool is needed to improve one’s profession. Sara Pascolini adopts the power of web presence to improve her career.

The homepage looks exceptional with an amazing display of images using a quiet and smooth slider.

Additionally, with the presentation of services in an engaging course, conveying customers is easy. Other pages on the website are bio to demonstrate credibility; Portfolio for presentation of works; Bridal makeup page and showcase services. It also provides a contact number and email address for easy contact with interested customers.

Actually makeup can change the look of women.

With the various makeup products available in the market these days, it can be difficult to choose the one that suits you. This is where the expertise of makeup artists and makeup classes is sought. Michael Vincent Academy offers makeup classes that are world class in LA. However, with its powerful website, it is ready to promote its brand on the web 24/7.

Its website has a good introduction with video integration.

In addition, it also increases its reliability as it reveals the list of firms and establishments that rely on MVA compiled using a slider. It also presents that its services are a stylish way through Square Box. This is not all, it also shows the necessary figures that can improve the authenticity of this brand.

Certainly, a person’s presence greatly affects self-confidence.

This is why many brands of makeup and makeup artists are emerging to meet the needs of women around the world. Steeledezign is a gorgeous website by a makeup artist that will serve as a great inspiration. Its homepage features an off-canvas menu as well as a random display of compiled images of its authenticity.

This website impresses potential customers with image galleries of the artist’s works.

The gallery is rendered using a smooth slider and masonry layout. While it offers gorgeous image galleries, it also does dramatic makeup work in a masonry layout.

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